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🚨 Defense Ministry Announces Evacuation Plans for Kiryat Shmona Residents

1 month ago

1 month ago

🚨 BBC Faces Protests for Not Labeling Hamas as ‘Terror Group’

BBC Faces Protests for Not Labeling Hamas as 'Terror Group' (Photo credit: (Daniel LEAL / AFP / The Times of Israel)

Around 250 demonstrators convened outside the main BBC headquarters in London to protest the broadcaster’s decision not to label Hamas as a terror group.

Organized by Jewish entities, the crowd included participants chanting slogans such as “Hamas, terrorists” and “Shame on you.” The primary objection is the BBC’s editorial choice to describe Hamas as “militants” or a “militant group.”

Many protesters displayed Israeli flags, and some showcased posters featuring images of Israeli children reportedly abducted by Hamas members during the recent October 7 events.

The National Jewish Assembly, one of the organizing bodies, expressed via X (formerly known as Twitter) that the BBC should explicitly term Hamas as “terrorists.”

In a related note from last week, UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps stated that the BBC should adhere to the “law,” referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization, echoing the UK government’s official designation in 2021.

However, John Simpson, the BBC’s world affairs editor, articulated that deeming Hamas as terrorists would signify the broadcaster “taking sides.”

The BBC issued a response, emphasizing its commitment to impartiality and accurate reporting. The statement reads: “Careful consideration has been given to all aspects of our coverage. While we do use the term ‘terrorist,’ we attribute it, making it clear to our audience about Hamas’s designation by the UK and other governments.”

In a separate incident, pro-Palestinian advocates also targeted the BBC by marking its Broadcasting House headquarters with red paint, symbolizing accusations of the corporation having “blood on its hands.”