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🚨 Defense Ministry Announces Evacuation Plans for Kiryat Shmona Residents

1 month ago

2 months ago

🚨 Breaking [Unconfirmed]: Iran Makes Historic Communication With Israel

Statement: “Iran’s armed forces will not engage Israel provided it does ‘not dare to attack Iran, its interests, nationals.'” — Reported by Iran’s UN mission.

Significance: This is the first time in history Iran might have communicated directly with Israel via the UN. If confirmed, it could mark a seismic shift in Middle Eastern geopolitics.

Analysis: Preliminary readings suggest Iran is indicating they will stay out of a direct conflict, potentially distancing themselves from Hamas. This interpretation aligns with today’s remarks from a Hezbollah Spokesperson, which downplayed the escalation on the Israel-Lebanon border as “only skirmishes” and merely a “warning.”

BREAKING UPDATE: The Iranian ambassador to Iraq denies the above is an official UN communication, but an answer to a journalist.