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🚨 Defense Ministry Announces Evacuation Plans for Kiryat Shmona Residents

1 month ago

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🚨 Defense Ministry Reports 100,000 Israelis Internally Displaced Amid Ongoing Conflict

Defense Ministry Reports 100,000 Israelis Internally Displaced Amid Ongoing Conflict (Photo credit: ATIA MOHAMMED/FLASH90/The Jerusalem Post)

The ongoing war in the Gaza Strip and rising tensions along the Lebanon border have internally displaced approximately 100,000 Israelis, according to a recent statement from the Defense Ministry.

Officials from the ministry detailed the figures, stating that there are two main classifications: Israelis who have been completely evacuated from their places of residence, and those who qualify for short-term respite at government-funded accommodations.

A breakdown of the numbers reveals that:

  • Last week saw the evacuation of about 15,000 Israelis from 25 communities located within a four-kilometer radius of the Gaza Strip.
  • Another 27,000 individuals from 28 towns, situated within two kilometers of the Lebanon border, are anticipated to be evacuated shortly.

The government will oversee the welfare of these displaced individuals until such time that they can safely return to their homes. These areas near the Gaza and Lebanon borders are currently designated as a closed military zone and a restricted region, respectively.

In addition to this, infrastructure damages in southern localities will necessitate repairs before residents can return.

On a separate note:

  • Roughly 35,000 inhabitants of Sderot, as well as 23,000 Israelis residing in 29 towns (between four and seven kilometers from Gaza), are eligible for a week’s stay at state-sponsored guesthouses to “rest and refresh.”

Despite the offered respite, not all residents have chosen to vacate their homes at this juncture.

Furthermore, the ministry is deliberating on extending the “rest and refresh” program to some Ashkelon residents, especially those lacking proper bomb shelters.