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🚨 Defense Ministry Announces Evacuation Plans for Kiryat Shmona Residents

1 month ago

1 month ago

🚨 Hamas Claims to Hold 200 Hostages; Other Factions Reportedly Have 50 More

Hamas Claims to Hold 200 Hostages; Other Factions Reportedly Have 50 More (Photo credit: The Times of Israel)

In a recent televised statement, Hamas’s military spokesman, Abu Obeida, confirmed the group’s custody of approximately 200 hostages, resulting from their massive offensive on October 7.

He mentioned that while the exact number remains uncertain due to “security and practical difficulties,” other “resistance factions” reportedly hold around 50 additional hostages.

Referring to foreign hostages, Abu Obeida designated them as “our guests” and expressed a commitment to their safety. He assured that they would be released when the circumstances on the ground permit.

Responding to the possibility of an Israeli ground operation in Gaza, Abu Obeida declared that such threats did not intimidate them.

Additionally, Khaled Mashaal, a notable Hamas figure, discussed the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons. He asserted that Hamas possesses enough high-value hostages, even alluding to some high-ranking IDF officials, to potentially negotiate the release of all Palestinian detainees.

Mashaal also commented on the topic of displacement from the Gaza Strip, hinting at the potential geopolitical implications for neighboring countries, including Egypt and Jordan.

He concluded by acknowledging the support from Hezbollah while suggesting that Hamas requires more backing.