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🚨 Defense Ministry Announces Evacuation Plans for Kiryat Shmona Residents

1 month ago

2 months ago

🚨 Rafah Border Crossing to Open for Foreigners Leaving Gaza: Egypt-Israel-US Pact

Egypt, Israel, and the United States have collectively agreed to facilitate the exit of foreigners living in Gaza through the Rafah border crossing into Egypt, reveals a senior Egyptian authority.

This understanding ensures that Israel abstains from targeting areas that these foreign nationals would traverse while exiting the besieged region. The official highlighted Qatar’s involvement in these negotiations, noting that approval was secured from Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

However, the agreement does not address the situation of hostages currently held by Hamas.

An Egyptian official stationed at the Rafah crossing confirmed receiving directives to open the border by Saturday afternoon for foreign nationals departing from Gaza.

While humanitarian aid’s passage through the crossing point is still under negotiation, Israel has concurrently directed a large-scale evacuation from northern Gaza.