An alleged Israeli missile strike targeted a building in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood of central Damascus on Sunday, close to a large security complex and Iranian military installations. According to Reuters, witnesses and an official source confirmed the strike, which killed five people, including a Syrian soldier, and injured 15 others. The attack was reportedly launched from the direction of the Golan Heights, as per Syrian state media outlet Sana.

The Syrian military source stated that the missile strike also led to the destruction of a number of civilian homes and caused material damage to several neighborhoods in and around Damascus. The incident is the latest in a series of alleged Israeli strikes targeting Iranian forces and their proxies in Syria. Tensions have been high between Israel and Iran, with Israel frequently targeting Iranian forces and positions in Syria, citing concerns over Iran’s military presence in the country. Iran denies having military forces in Syria, instead, it claims to be providing advisory support to the Syrian government in the fight against rebels and terrorists.