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President Trump Applauds Impending Peace Deals With Israel
 /  Last Modified: September 15, 2020

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu met at the White House Tuesday, and this was before the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will sign the normalization agreements between them.

President Trump gave Prime Minister Netanyahu a golden key to the White House, mentioning positive things about the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu also stated how the US President was a key to the hearts of the people, opening a lot of doors for the Israeli people.

The US President mentioned about the discussions that are currently in place between Arab and Muslim nations in relation to a peace deal with the Israelis. Benjamin agreed to the situation, saying that strong relations are slowly being put in place throughout the Middle East, allowing Israel not to be alone anymore.

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are the third and fourth countries in the Middle East to make peace with Israel, and to establish diplomatic ties with Israel. Earlier this year, Palestinian President Abbas warned Israel and US not to cross the lines due to Trump’s announcement of a peace proposal. 

There were questions about the sale of F-35 warplanes, and Trump brushed that off, mentioning it was a trivial detail at this point. With UAE and Bahrain sign a peace deal with Israel, more people expecting Arab countries to follow suit, aligning themselves slowly against Iran, although they are being backed bit by bit by Turkey.

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash mentioned that their peace deal with Israel was a way to move forward for the Middle East, creating more opportunities. 

There are sources that believe Oman is in close pursuit to follow normalization agreements with Israel, as their leader spoke with Trump last week. They also believe Saudi Arabia to be next in line, after allowing a flight between Israel and the UAE to pass through its borders, although they admit they are not yet ready to fulfill such an agreement.


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