CRISPR Used To Remove Fearful Memories From Rats

By Tommy Meade Jr. , September 25, 2020
CRISPR Used To Remove Fearful Memories From Rats

Researchers at Peking University have used CRISPR gene editing to ‘delete’ fearful memories from rats. And get this. The new technique seems to have some merit, particularly in treating psychological disorders.

The practice can treat pathological memories and memory-related conditions such as PTSD, drug addiction, chronic pain, and chronic stress, says Yi Ming, one of the paper’s co-authors, talking to about it. 

Meanwhile, people who face the struggle of addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, and illicit drugs could free themselves from the chains of substance abuse and get help. 

Frank McCourt said that “The uncluttered life is the key to a good memory.”

And Jamie Lee Curtis said that “Recovery is the acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it.”

Fear can cause slight pain and physical discomfort. Maybe you want to relieve yourself from this heavy burden sometimes, not recognizing that fear is like the alarm clock that annoys and frightens us whenever it goes off in the morning.

It’s essential, it’s human nature to have a little anxiety about everything. 

According to Ming, when too much focus is given to negative memories, they cause psychological and physical disorders. But also acknowledged that these memories could be essential for survival. 

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By Tommy Meade Jr.

Tommy Meade Jr. writes for Israel Now News.

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