Defense Minister Yoav Gallant of Israel provided a comprehensive video briefing to his NATO counterparts in Brussels, unveiling uncensored footage showcasing the heinous acts committed by Hamas in Israel. The footage portrayed the grim reality of the violence, with evidence of acts against children, women, the elderly, and men. Gallant’s intent was to emphasize the present situation’s gravity while drawing a distinction with the historical trauma of the Holocaust.
Gallant firmly stated, “We have been hit hard. Yet make no mistake – 2023 is not 1943. We are the same Jews, but we have different capabilities. The State of Israel is strong. We are united and powerful.” He equated Hamas with the ISIS terrorist group, underscoring their similar brutalities, and stated that the terror group would face the consequences of their actions.

Horrors Unveiled

Gallant recounted the harrowing scenes he witnessed firsthand, mentioning the burning alive of Holocaust survivors, the execution of children, and the abduction and violent assault on young girls. He highlighted an incident during a peace music festival attended by 3,000 young individuals that turned into a tragic scene of chaos and bloodshed. Gallant pointed out that among the victims were citizens from several NATO member countries.

Global Solidarity

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed unequivocal support for Israel, assuring that it did not stand alone in its current ordeal. NATO’s official statement condemned the acts of terror by Hamas and reiterated Israel’s right to self-defense. It called for the immediate release of all hostages and emphasized the paramount importance of civilian protection. Several NATO Allies also signaled their tangible support for Israel during these trying times.

The Larger Picture

The aftermath of Hamas’s assault left a staggering number of civilians dead and many injured. The situation was further complicated by retaliatory strikes from Israel in the Palestinian enclave, resulting in numerous casualties. This recent surge of violence has seen an outpour of global solidarity with Israel, reminiscent of the support shown during ISIS’s reign of terror.

US support for Israel was palpable, with significant moves like the deployment of an additional aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean to ensure regional stability and high-level diplomatic visits to Israel.