Rocket alerts were activated in various towns in central Israel and the West Bank, including Even Yehuda, Tayibe, Ariel, and Kfar Yona, marking the end of around 10 hours without incident. Following these alerts, sounds of explosions, either from impacts or interceptions, were reported. There haven’t been any immediate reports of injuries linked to these alerts.

Strengthening of Defense on the Northern Border

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has reported the deployment of reservist forces to towns near the Lebanon border. These deployments are part of the overall fortification of forces in the northern regions of Israel. The military mentioned that these forces are carrying out tasks in the towns, which include patrolling, setting up ambushes, and establishing roadblocks, aimed at ensuring the safety of the local residents.

Recent Clashes in the North

In the preceding days, the northern border of Israel has witnessed several clashes. Some of these incidents are associated with groups operating from regions in southern Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah, while others have been directly linked to Hezbollah.

Overall Situation Update

To provide a broader perspective, the total count of injuries has reached close to 3,200 with over 1,200 fatalities. In related developments, Hamas reported the release of a female hostage along with two children, although this claim has not been independently verified.