Israeli intelligence identified the Quds force as responsible for operating the cells, whose members are residents of Syrian villages near the Israeli boarder.

Israel sees the Iranian actions in the Syrian Golan Heights — which reached new heights with the deployment of two cells to lay explosive devices on the Israeli side of the border — as crossing a red line, and served as the background for the decision to respond with relatively broad air strikes early Wednesday morning.

The Israeli assault, which came after Tuesday’s revelation of the second line of hazardous devices in the southern Golan Heights in three-and-a-half months, hit the nearby command base camp of the Revolutionary GuardsQuds Force, the Damascus air terminal, and different targets connected to the Iranians.

Israeli intelligence recognized the Quds Force as liable for operating the cells, whose individuals are inhabitants of Syrian towns close to the border. Individuals from the Revolutionary Guards initiate the tasks, supply the bombs, and ship off the cells, however, the real mission is carried out by Syrian residents, who are paid.

In August, the Israel Defense Forces murdered four Syrians who had laid a few comparable explosive devices in a similar zone. This time the region was cleaned a short time after the bombs were laid and the military reaction followed a couple of hours after the fact. Probably the most recent Israeli attacks were aimed at the Quds Force.

The IDF representative, Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman, affirmed that Israel had attacked eight targets, including “arms depots, military base camp and compounds, and surface-to-air missile batteries.”

Syria permits Iranians to keep on setting up themselves in its region, including the southern Golan Heights,” Zilberman said on Wednesday.

Israel rarely claims responsibility regarding attacks in Syria credited to its military.

Prior to Wednesday, Syrian state TV said Israeli missiles had flown over the Syrian Golan Heights and directed strikes around Damascus. The live film demonstrated blasts over the skies of the capital.

State-run Syrian news agency SANA revealed that Syrian air defenses captured the Israeli assault over Damascus. Three military faculty were executed, and one was harmed in “Israeli aggression” on Syria, SANA cited a Syrian military source as saying.