Israel’s ambassador to the United Nation announced the Jewish state’s support for the people of Iran in the midst of their continued protests to unseat the current Islamic regime.

Speaking at the UN Security Council Debate on the Middle East in NewYork, Ambassador Danny Danon addressed the people of Iran in Persian, “Israel is on your side.”

Danon said this as he pointed the “great contrast” between Iran’s rich history and the current regime.

“It is absurd that the people who invented human rights and protected the freedom of religion are ruled by a regime that tramples both. The absurdity has brought you to stand up for your heritage; to stand up for your country’s rich history. And while the Islamic Republic is doing all that it can to silence your voice, you stand strong and proud,” Danon said.

The ambassador stressed that it was Iranians who gave the world its first declaration of Human Rights and Racial Equality, which freed slaves and gave people the right to choose their own religion;  created the world’s first taxation system and postal service; and invented the world’s first water supply system, refrigerator, Algebra, animation, chess, among others.

Unfortunately for all these, Danon said they are ruled by a regime that remains the biggest threat to peace and security in the region, aside from spending billions of dollars in terrorist operations abroad and enriching its leaders’ families at the expense of the Iranian people.

During his speech, Danon also presented to the Council the picture of 14-year-old Nikta Esfandani who was shot and killed by Iranian security forces during anti-government protests in November 2019.

“After the brutal murder, the regime tried to cover up the death of Nikta. At first it claimed she died of other circumstances and then forced her parents to say she died of poisoning.”

 Danon then called the international community to empower the people of Iran.

Israel sees them as partners for a more prosperous future in the Middle East. We must not allow their voices to be silenced by internet shutdowns, imprisonment and death. We must continue to apply more pressure on the regime!” Danon said.

Meanwhile, United States Ambassador to UN Kelly Craft underscored the need for the UN Security Council to also focus on Iran being the actor that is fuelling division, violence and hatred in the Middle East.

 “Our failure to address Iran’s central role in destabilizing the region sends a powerfully damaging message to those seeking lasting peace and prosperity in the region. It only encourages further instability, which puts the peace we all seek at greater risk,” Craft said.