Israel carried out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip late Tuesday after militants fired rockets toward Israel in response to the death of a prominent Palestinian hunger striker, Khader Adnan, in an Israeli prison. According to CNN, Adnan, a former Islamic Jihad spokesman, died in Israeli custody after an 87-day hunger strike.

Israel Retaliates Against Gaza Rocket Attacks

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that dozens of rockets were fired from Gaza into the early hours of Wednesday. In response, Israeli fighter jets struck various targets, including a military post, a weapons storage facility, weapons manufacturing sites, and a Hamas training facility. They also targeted a cement manufacturing site used by Hamas to maintain its infrastructure. The Israeli military stated it hit 16 targets in Gaza.

The attacks were in retaliation to rocket fire from Hamas militants, who were angered by the death of Khader Adnan. The former Islamic Jihad spokesman died in an Israeli prison after an 87-day hunger strike. On Wednesday, the IDF announced that dozens of rockets had been fired from Gaza, prompting Israel to respond with fighter jet strikes.

Protests and Strikes Erupt in the West Bank

Adnan’s death ignited anger in the West Bank, leading to protests, a general strike, and other Palestinian detainees initiating hunger strikes. The IDF stated that the Israeli military would hold Hamas responsible for “all terror activities emanating from the Gaza Strip and it will face the consequences of the security.”

Islamic Jihad Announces End of Confrontations

On Wednesday morning, Islamic Jihad announced that “a round of confrontations” had ended with Israel, according to the militant group’s spokesperson Tariq Selmi. Israeli military spokesperson Richard Hecht said there was no official ceasefire with Hamas but “messages have been passed”.

Adnan’s Widow Calls for Non-violence

In the aftermath of Adnan’s death, his widow, Randa Musa, appealed for non-violence. She stated, “Not a drop of blood was spilled during the prisoner’s previous hunger strikes, and today we say with the rise of the martyr and his accomplishment of what he wished for, we do not want a drop of blood to be spilled.”