Israeli forces on Thursday killed three Palestinian militants wanted for a fatal attack on a British-Israeli woman and two of her daughters last month, according to the Israeli military. The suspects were found in an apartment in the city of Nablus during a rare daytime incursion. The militants were identified as Hassan Qatnani, Moaz al-Masri, and Ibrahim Jabr, and Hamas claimed responsibility for the April attack.

During the raid, Israeli forces exchanged fire with the militants, ultimately killing all three suspects. The military said the men were behind the attack on a car near a Jewish West Bank settlement that killed Lucy Dee, the British-Israeli mother, and her daughters, Maya and Rina. Leo Dee, the woman’s widower, expressed his relief and gratitude for the successful operation.

Increased Violence in West Bank City

Nablus has seen numerous Israeli raids over the past year, but few have been conducted during daylight hours due to the increased risk of friction with local residents. The city has experienced a surge in Palestinian attacks against Israelis since the beginning of the Israeli military’s near-nightly arrest raids launched last year. The raids, aimed at dismantling militant networks and thwarting future attacks, have resulted in the death of around 250 Palestinians.

Following the raid, masked men paraded through Nablus, shooting into the air and waving Palestinian flags. Mourners at the militants’ funeral chanted “God is great,” highlighting the tensions in the area.

Calls for National Unity Amid Societal Rift

The fatal attack on the Dee family last month shocked Israelis and highlighted the deep societal rift in the region. Leo Dee, the family’s father, has been a recurring figure in Israeli media, stating that he bears no hatred toward the killers of his family and calling for national unity.

Response from Israeli Officials

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the raid and stated that attackers would eventually be hunted down. “Our message to those who harm us, and those who want to harm us, is that whether it takes a day, a week, or a month – you can be certain that we will settle accounts with you,” Netanyahu said.