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Israel Now News is Israel's most comprehensive source for breaking news and current events from Israel and the Jewish world.

Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah Met With Uncertainty

Liza Cablayan Journalist at Israel Now
Published on September 18, 2020
Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah Met With Uncertainty
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The ongoing lockdown is being questioned, as people do not see it as a guarantee that it will lessen the rate of infection. They see the decision as a way for the government to show their presence when the Israeli people do not really feel it, that the lockdown only happened because the leaders are panicking because of the increasing number of cases.

But the question that is on everyone’s mind: why is the lockdown only for two to three weeks instead of two to three months?

There is a list of ideas that are being seen for the pandemic.

The closure includes a lot of buildings that are occupied by a lot of families with a lot of children, which is a sure recipe for disaster. Some people think that the government planned the lockdown to keep the people in the buildings at bay, thus the possibility of the infection rate going down. A few days into the lockdown proves this idea otherwise.

There are buildings in Tel Aviv that houses seniors and smaller families, and contact between people is very limited, which means the infection may have little chance of spreading. But with apartment buildings that have a lot of rooms, and there are a lot of children, there’s more chance that the infection will spread.

Sometimes the number of people that should undergo testing are getting less and less. But it should not serve as proof that the decision to undergo lockdown is the right thing to do. It serves its purpose of showing the people that the government is taking steps in combating the pandemic.

The Haredim is emphasizing, though, that narrowing down the number of people praying in the synagogues have any health-related justification. There are synagogues that can accommodate a lot of worshippers, and as long as they follow the rule of wearing a mask, then they should not be prevented in participating in the holiday festivities.

There is a problem with following all the rules and being lenient with the restrictions. Synagogues cannot follow the usual process of worshipping, but sometimes the rules need to be relaxed. Sometimes people are blaming the increasing widespread infections to the ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities. This should stop though, as it only happens because people are anxious of what is going to happen.

The infection rate in Israel is the highest in the world per capita. Observers believe that the reason is that of the lack of knowledge about the disease, and even the authorities have done nothing to curb the infection.

The people hope that this lockdown will not pull down the economy any longer as some businesses were closed down. The eve of the Jewish New Year was expected to be better, but along with how the people are feeling, there is no hope or joy. Only the feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty as 2020 comes to a close.