Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Joe Biden Slams Israel, Expresses ‘Overwhelming Frustration’ With Ben Netanyahu’s Policies

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Barack Obama‘s right-hand man Joe Biden may have been deemed as his leadership’s most Israel-friendly member back then, but that didn’t stop Biden from slamming the Jewish state and their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday.

This comes after 21 people were injured during a bus bombing in Jerusalem several hours earlier.

In his address to J Street, a nonprofit advocacy group based in the United States that promotes the end of the ArabIsraeli and Israeli–Palestinian conflicts peacefully and diplomatically through American leadership, Biden expressed his wishes for those who were injured in the incident to get well soon.

The administration “stands with the state of Israel,” he said, after taking quite a while to get around to the recent bombing.

Israel, of course, is America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East.

Of Netanyahu’s policies, Biden also stated that he was “overwhelmingly frustrated” with them and the progressive audience at the event mostly cheered him on as he gave more remarks about Israel:

“The present course Israel’s on is not one that’s likely to secure its existence and as a Jewish democratic state, and we have to make sure that happens,” he said.

Meanwhile, the army of Israel discovered on the same day a hidden tunnel that traveled to the Jewish state from Gaza, making it possible for future terrorist attacks.

Obviously, there are more infiltration paths like this one to be found. And that’s exactly why those on the left and right-wing of Israel governments urged people who settled there to leave Gaza more than a decade ago.

Around that time, the final soldier of the Israeli military and the final migrant was withdrawn from the hostile environment.

Ariel Sharon, a lifelong supporter of the right-wing government of Israel, successfully argued that Israelis had to depart from their homes in 2005 in order to keep the peace between the two nations, never to return again or at least not in the near future.

Even in the present-day, the majority of people from the Jewish state supports vacating Gaza like how they did back then because, perhaps, they began to think that Israel is not the issue here nor can anyone put the blame on the settlement policies that it has.

(Regardless of what it is, they get terrorist attacks via tunnels here and there — they just want to be friends and supporters of each other.)

The latest news from Biden and his team on this topic?

There is none.

In addition, Biden in his Monday speech got the opportunity to reflect on some old disputes over settlements between him and former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin. Since that happened back in 1982, no one likely remembers it but Biden remembers the information very well, telling the crowd:

It was “the bitterest exchange of a highly emotional confrontation.”

Give us a break.

He later went on to show his support to the youngest female member of the Israeli legislature’s history at age 30, Stav Shaffir. She is at the extreme Left end of the Labor Party, which is center-left.

He said while asking her to take a stand:

“May your views begin to once again become the majority opinion in the Knesset.”

Not to mention that he told Shaffir that she reminds him of his young progressive self. Biden was 29 who voted into the Senate.

This sums up the entire speech, he wanted to reminisce about the important things he thinks he has done in the past, express his support of the Iran deal and for Shaffir and not give more attention to what really matters — that’s the Jerusalem bombing.

He basically gave more support of Netanyahu’s policies than he did for her.