Worse Day Yet: Iran Virus Death Toll Rise To 49 Amid Travel Ban

By Michael Peres March 9, 2020
Worse Day Yet: Iran Virus Death Toll Rise To 49 Amid Travel Ban

On Sunday, Iran Air suspended all flights to Europe until further notice as the country’s coronavirus death count rises to 49, the highest number of those killed by the virus within a single-day toll, according to the health ministry.

Iran Air cited “restrictions” imposed by European authorities for “unknown reasons,” but didn’t mention the coronavirus epidemic at all in a statement issued by the company.

The following cities of Paris, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Vienna and Rome are all European destinations that the Iranian carrier operated flights to in the past.

Health officials in Sweden last week said that Tehran was “not in control” of the novel coronavirus outbreak on its soil, resulting in the country temporarily suspending the flight permits of Iran Air.

The health ministry reported some 794 new cases of infection that were identified over the past 24 hours, increasing the total number of cases to 6,566.

Of those infected, 2,134 have recovered.

194 people with the virus in Iran have died in all.

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister, Kiyanoush Jahanpour, confirmed on Sunday that the hardest hit provinces include Tehran, Qom, and Mazandaran with 1,805, 685, and 620 cases, respectively.

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By Michael Peres

Michael Peres is a founder of various tech startups and pioneer behind the Breaking 9 To 5 business model. Peres covers topics pertaining to entrepreneurship, middle-eastern politics, entertainment and daily events. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

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