Yehonatan Geffen, a significant figure in Israeli culture, was laid to rest at the Nahalal cemetery on Friday, following his passing at the age of 76 on Wednesday. Numerous family members, friends, and colleagues attended the funeral, including his son Aviv Geffen, his ex-wife Shani Friedman, their son Dylan, his daughter Shira and her partner Etgar Keret, his daughter Natasha, his ex-wife Nurit, his cousin Lior Dayan, opposition head Yair Lapid, Meir Shalev’s widow Rina, singer Dafna Armoni, and many others. The Times of Israel reported on the funeral and the heartfelt eulogies delivered by his family and friends.

Emotional Tributes from Family and Friends

During the service, Aviv Geffen tearfully recited the Kaddish prayer and said in his eulogy, “There were many demons that stood between us like a punching bag, but you were my hero. You were my saddest love. I missed you from the day I was born, and I will miss you until the day I die.”

Natasha Geffen shared her memories of her father, saying, “Dad, to everyone else, you were Yehonatan Geffen, but to me, you were Abuya. Until the end, you were my best friend. I cannot believe I lost my best friend.” She also spoke of their shared love for storytelling and humor.

Yehonatan Geffen’s Legacy

Geffen was known for his writing, particularly books, songs, and poems for children, as well as his left-wing political leanings. His children, rocker Aviv Geffen, writer Shira Geffen (who is married to author Etgar Keret), and actress Natasha Geffen from his second marriage, continue to carry on his artistic legacy.