On Monday, OC Home Front Commander Maj.-Gen. Uri Gordin warned that Israel might expect a bombardment of 2,000 missiles a day in a future war with Lebanese Militant group, Hezbollah

In a B’Sheva Conference in Jerusalem, Gordin warned of the possible onslaught of thousands of missiles in Jerusalem. He said, “Our enemies on the different fronts need to know that if needed, we will activate a powerful military that has never been seen before.” 

To win the war, Gordin believed that the militant group is ready to strike closer to home. “They know they cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they try to move the war to a second front and that is our homes and in our cities,” the military official said. 

Gordin believed that currently, Hezbollah had a total of 150,000 missiles at their disposal. The news came after the ALMA Research and Education Center found a total of 28 missile sites scattered around the civilian capital of Beirut

According to Tal Beeri, one of the head researchers for ALMA, she believed that Hezbollah plans to use innocent civilians as human shields. “The world must understand and know that these launch sites are located at the heart of residential and urban civil infrastructure,” Beeri said. 

The researchers raised the alarm after several missile-related infrastructures such as rocket-fuel storage, missile bunkers, and even the site’s control area were found near schools and hospitals. Based on the intel information, these sites are ready for operational use and are equipped with several missiles which range between 10 km.-500 km. 

The information was released by an unknown user on Wikimapia.org

ALMA believed that the intel information might have been purposely uploaded by a private individual who is concerned about the militant group’s actions. 

Earlier this month, a Hezbollah affiliated network also reported that it shot down an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon. Israel Defense Forces have yet to verify the incident.