Britain has subjected the entire Hezbollah organization to asset-freezing after tagging it as a terrorist group, based on UK’s Terrorism and Terrorist Financing rules.

Britain’s Treasury has already restricted the assets of Hezbollah’s paramilitary wing and this time included the assets of the movement’s political party.

The British government announced in February 2019 that they could no longer distinguish between the military and political wings of Lebanon’s Hezbollah as there is no clear distinction between the two.

Even Hezbollah itself denied distinction between its military wing– Jihad Council and its political wing — Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc party, said the British Treasury in a notice published on their website.

“The group in its entirety is assessed to be concerned in terrorism and was proscribed as a terrorist organisation in the UK in March 2019,” Britain’s Treasury.

Hezbollah was established in 1985 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as part of the effort to gather a variety of militant Lebanese Shia groups into a unified organization, to act as proxy for Iran in the continuing IranIsrael conflict.